PT Sierad Produce Tbk(” Company”) hereby announce to its shareholders that the Company will convene the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on Thursday, 17 June 2020 (“Meeting”).

In view of prevailing regulations of among others Government Regulation in Lieu of ActsNo.1 Year 2020 on Financial State Policy and Financial System Stability for Corona Virus Disease 2019 Pandemic (Covid-19) Handling  And/Or In the Objective to Face Threats that Harm National Economy and / or Financial System Stability as well as the Ministry of Health of Republic Indonesia Regulation No.9 Year 2020 on the Guideline of Massive Scale on Social Distancing to Accelerate the Handling on 2019 Corona Virus (Covid-19), the Company hereby encourage the shareholders as follows:

  1. To provide proxy through Electronic General Meeting System KSEI (eASY KSEI) facility as provided by PT KustodianSentralEfek Indonesia; or
  2. To download the Proxy Form available at the Company’s website ( and further authorize PT Raya Registra, as Share Registrar Bureau of the Company as part of electronic proxy mechanism in the Meeting proceeding.

Pursuant to Article 21 (4) of the Company’s Article of Association jo. Article 17 (1) and Article 52 (1) of Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 15/POJK.04/2020 (“POJK 15/POJK.04/2020”),the Meeting Convocation will be published in the website of  E-RUPS Provider, Indonesian Stock Exchange as well as in the Company’s website  ( on 26 May 2020.

Shareholders who is able to attend or represented in the Meeting are those who are recorded in the Company’s shareholder list as per 20 May 2020 until 04.00 p.m or shareholders who registered in the collective deposit of PT KustodianSentralEfek Indonesia at market closing on 20 May 2020.

The Company’s shareholders may propose agenda to the Meeting if such proposal fulfill the requirement as stipulates under Article 21 (7) of the Company’s Article of Association, jo. Article 16 POJK 15/POJK.04/2020and must be  received at latest 7 (seven) days prior the date of Meeting Convocation.



Bogor, 11 May 2020

PT Sierad Produce Tbk


The Board of Directors