The Company manages feedmills producing feed for broilers, layers, breeders, feed concentrates, quail feed, and other feeding materials. The feedmills are able to produce chicken feed in the form of flour, pellet, crumble, and expander to meet the market needs.

Duck Feed FK 404 Red

Pakan Konsentrat Itik Petelur untuk Umur 22 Minggu Keatas

Sangat cocok untik menghasilkan warna kuning egg yolk, mengandung Toxin Binder, Natural Enzyme complex untuk meningkatkan daya cerna, produktivitas dan berat telur

Layer T204 S Feed

Contains feed additives and anti-stress substances, additional natural enzyme complex. Makes high layer productivity with low feed intake and FCR.

Layer K204 S Feed

Chicken layer concentrate feed for age 18 weeks and above.

Broiler AS 102 Feed

Complete feed broiler finisher for ages 22 days up to harvest.

Broiler AS 101 Feed

Complete feed broiler starter for 8-21 days.

Broiler AS 100 Feed

Complete feed of pre-starter broiler for ages 1-7 days. Enhances digestion, high nutrients to maximize the maximum use of nutr

FB 504 Feed

Feed quail age 5 weeks and up.

Swine KGP 709 Feed

Feed swine concentrate finisher. Composed of high quality nutritious materials.

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