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31/12/2016Financial Statement FY 2016 Result 3575 KBFinancial Statement FY 2016 Result.pdf
30/06/2016Financial Statement 1H 2016 Result 1516 KBFinancial Statement 1H 2016 Result.pdf
31/12/2015Financial Statement FY 2015 Result 3192 KBLaporan Keuangan Per 31 Desember 2015.pdf
31/07/2015Financial Statement 1H 2015 Result 1595 KBLaporan Keuangan Tengah Tahunan 2015.pdf
31/12/2014Financial Statement FY 2014 Result 3216 KBLKT 2014.pdf
30/06/2014Financial Statement 1H 2014 Result 1949 KB1H 2014.pdf
31/03/2014Financial Statement 1Q 2014 Result1233 KB1Q 2014.pdf
31/12/2013Financial Statement FY 2013 Result 2266 KBFY 2013.pdf
30/09/2013Financial Statement 9M 2013 Result1358 KB9M 2013.pdf
30/06/2013Financial Statement 1H 2013 Result1132 KB1H 2013.pdf
31/03/2013Financial Statement 1Q 2013 Result1259 KB1Q 2013.pdf
31/12/2012Financial Statement FY 2012 Result3545 KBSIPD-2012(Final).pdf
30/09/2012Financial Statement 9M 12 Result2522 KBLaporan Keuangan Per 30 Sept 2012.pdf
30/06/2012Financial Statement 1H  12 Result1324 KBLaporan Keuangan Per 30 Juni 2012.pdf
31/03/2012Financial Statement 1Q 12 Result3362 KBLaporan Keuangan Per 31 Mar 2012.pdf
31/12/2011Financial Statement FY 11 Result3908 KBLaporan Keuangan Per 31 Desember 2011.pdf
30/09/2011Financial Statement 9M 11 Result1098 KBLK Q3 2011 PT Sierad Produce Tbk.pdf
30/06/2011Financial Statement 1H 11 Result1017 KBLK Q2 2011 PT Sierad Produce Tbk.pdf
31/03/2011Financial Statement 1Q 11 Result820 KBLK Triwulan 31 Maret 2011.pdf
31/12/2010Financial Statement FY 10 Result2656 KBLKT 2010.pdf
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