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Board of Commissioners & Directors Guideline 

Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is one of the entity of the Company that has the role and responsibility to collectively conduct monitoring upon the policy of Company’s management and advises the Directors to ensure the Company’s management is performed

in accordance with the vision, mission, Articles of Association, and prevailing regulations. The member of the Board of Commissioners are appointed and terminated by the General Meeting of the Shareholders.

Every member of the Board of Commissioners must have good intention, awareness, and responsibility in performing their duty of monitoring and advising the Board of Directors for the Company’s interest and in accordance with the intention and purpose of the Company.

In performing its monitoring duties, the Board of Commissioners has the authority to request all needed information from Board of Directors. Board of Commissioners also has the authority to temporarily dismiss the member of Board of Directors who violates the Company’s Articles of Association, existing laws and regulations.

Independency of Board of Commissioners

BOC exercises its monitoring function to the Board of Directors of the Company independently without any interference or intervention from other parties that may interfere with the objectivity and independence of the performance of the BOC.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the preparation and implementation of business strategies in accordance with the Company’s vision and mission. Members of the Board of Directors are appointed and dismissed by the GMS decision. Each member of the Board of Directors has an equal position, including the Managing Director. Each members of the Board of Directors is to carry out tasks and make decisions in accordance with their duties and responsibilities.

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